Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Black Friday may have put retailers in the black and had shoppers seeing red, but for me, Black Friday was gold and blue and green-- the colors of nature. On this gorgeous day after Thanksgiving, my daughters and I went for a hike along the Interurban Trail and checked out Woodstock Farm. Apparently everyone else was jostling for good deals on today's hottest gadgets (also known as tomorrow's junk-- do you really think a giant inflatable shark is going to be handed down to the great-grandkids?) so we had the place to ourselves.

So, while others were waiting in line for that amazing sale on Blu-Rays or iPads or what-have-you (or even worse, sleeping this beautiful day away because they were up all night shopping), we were here.

We hiked, picnicked, cloud-watched, leap-frogged, rolled down the hill till we were dizzy (that would be once for me and about ten times for the girls), told stories, took pictures, bird-watched, hiked back, and enjoyed one hot chocolate, one apple cider, and one hot buttered rum.

For me, Black Friday isn't about getting a good deal. It's realizing you already have it.


  1. i think you were in just the right place...i love nature....and can not stand black friday...smiles. great pics...

  2. You made a wise choice. I hate the shoppers, too. I remember when holidays everything would shut down, and it as for spending time with family. (Do I sound old?)

  3. I was in the vicinity a week ago in not such great conditions. But yesterday the weather was so perfect here, and you've captured it very well. I haven't actually visited Woodstock Farm yet, but it's on my list. Did you check out Chuckanut Falls?

    I will do what I can to stay out of the stores on Black Friday. I went to the Y and attended my class and saw lots of people riding the buses back from the mall with big packages.

  4. You are a woman wise beyond her years. You do already have all that is important in life and so do your daughters...a mother's love and time can't be found in a retail store on discount anywhere.
    Plus none of you were maced. :) Shopping has become dangerous.

  5. So true. I didn't venture out on Black Friday or even Small Business Saturday. I support the concept, but don't want to be caught up in the craziness this weekend. I only have a few gifts to purchase. Thought I would try the Holiday Festival of the Arts. - Margy

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  7. lovely.

    hope to see you blog more again, also check out poetry rally week 81.