Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun with haikus

Haikus are so fun and attainable. I love anything that takes only a few minutes to complete. Why spend years toiling away on a book that may never be finished, when you can compose a haiku so easily and actually feel like you accomplished something? Here's one I came up with as I was letting the dog out just now.

Fuzzy bumblebee
The black sheep in a field of
buzzy honeybees


  1. It is funny -- I like it as a funny little poem

    but it AIN'T haiku!!

  2. Hmmm. I'm no haiku expert, for sure, but I thought I hit all the points!

    Not to imply that wiki knows everything! But I'm curious to know what I did wrong...?

  3. Well I thought you'd fallen for the commonly taught but erroneous notion that haiku is simply a 17-syllable poem.

    The wikihow site you cite is very good and if you follow some of its leads then you may well come to learn a great deal.

    The thing about your piece is that its strength is in the language interplay of fuzzy/buzzy and that the "black sheep" is a metaphor rather than an actual sheep (though I may have misread it here). These are poetic techinques which haiku tries to avoid by relying on clear imagery and juxtaposition.

    love from mandy

  4. Thank you, Mandy! You are very informative!