Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wednesdays With Grampa

Giorgi and I have a standing date with my dad every Wednesday morning while Nai is in school. Coming up with a photo a day for the Bellingham Daily Photo can be challenging with my busy schedule and two little ones, so every Wednesday morning Giorgi and I pick up Dad and go someplace I've been meaning to photograph. We click our cameras companionably, and I get a good stockpile just in case I don't get anywhere scenic the rest of the week. Plus, Giorgi and Dad get some good bonding time.

This series is from the Deming day-use area, and it was a grey, misty morning-- which probably could be atmospheric and cool if I had the right camera and was a "real" photographer. Still, even though my little blue point-and-shoot doesn't know what to do with mist and all that white sky, I got a few sweet moments with Giorgi and Grampa.


  1. Very touching shots. My only grand-daughter and her Papa (grandpa) had a very close relationship. He sent her off to school every morning and was home when the bus dropped her off. They had that special bond. Her Papa died 2 years ago and Kylee is now 16. She said she wants to get a tatoo of a JD tractor inscribed with "in memory of my Papa" and his name.
    I really don't want her to get a tatoo but isn't that nice. MB

  2. They are lovely photos, and atmospheric none the less! It looks like a most wonderful day!

  3. Oh those photos are so precious. My favorite is the last one.

    BlueMonday~Blue socks

  4. This photos tell a story, I really like them!

  5. Superb shots,- full of atmosphere!:)
    (I am now your new "follower". )