Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Diana's moon is rising
over the house tonight,
her glowing silk surprising
the darkness with her light.
My children dream in their sleep,
nestled in her clouds.
I lie and count my sheep,
sleep lost among her shrouds.


  1. Like this one! I've always associated Mom with the moon. Remember her favorite poem from the Blue Fairy book?

    "Moon, so round and yellow,
    Looking from on high,
    How I love to see you
    Shining in the sky.

    Oft and oft I wonder
    When I see you there,
    How they get to light you,
    Hanging in the air;

    Where you go at morning,
    When the night is past,
    And the sun comes peeping
    O'er the hills at last.

    Sometimes I will watch you
    Slyly overhead,
    When you think I'm sleeping
    Snugly in my bed."

  2. I don't remember that at all! That's why I keep you around... help me remember that stuff. Was that all from memory or did you look it up? I bet Nai would love those fairy books!