Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out With the Old... etc, etc.

So far since I've started this blog (which I haven't told anyone about, and therefore can post whatever I want without fear of embarrassment) I've only posted random poems and one angry/sad rant about losing my mom. I guess now that I've run out of my semi-decent older material, it's time to start posting new stuff. Or I could post my old even crappier poems... but no one wants that.

I just finished a rather silly little children's story that I need to tweak a little, and then I'll probably post it here. I'll also make some copies and think about sending them out to publishers before I decide it's all too much bother and throw them in the recycling bin, where many such projects have gone before...

I pretty much started this to have a place to post some of my poems and short stories... but also to explore what makes life worth living. Most of the time I live my life discovering many things that make it all worthwhile, but sometimes things look pretty bleak and I need to reassess the point of it all.

So... here's to the life worth living! Cheers.

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  1. completely! cheers. and you have nothing to fear at least you are a great writer...i just like to verbal vomit onto the pages as if it matters:P