Monday, May 23, 2011


Like Wendy, sad at her window
we mothers wipe small fingerprints
from glass, looking through it for hints

of pirates or pixies below.
Languishing eyes search empty skies
for childish dreams we should outgrow.

That old dream outgrew us long since...
and Wendy waits at her window.

I wrote this for One Stop Poetry's form challenge. This week's form is the Octain, which consists of eight lines and eight syllables per line. I won't bore you with the other rules, but I enjoyed working with it!

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  1. Oh the days of Peter Pan, but we also know that little boys never grow up - sadly they , like we, do grow old though. Well written with the references to the beloved Pan scattered naturally throughout and the flow effortless and natural. Excellent work! Thank you, Gay

  2. very nice use of the form lizzi - pirates and pixies..nice
    and i loved your c/c rhyme
    Languishing eyes search empty skies - just beautiful

  3. Just joined up to follow you, lizzi, and welcome to my own blogosphere! I do like the poem...

  4. My Mother read and read Peter Pan to us as children. I was the Pixie, spreading her dust throughout my sibling's dreams. Then I was Wendy, always looking through the window at night for a glimpse of Peter Pan. One of my fav's , still is. Very well put together, just loved reading it. "The Child Is Still In Me."
    Cheers, Lilly

  5. This is wonderful. I liked the dreamy and dream invoking quality of this poem.

  6. Love this. For me it captures a certain sharp pungent emotion I get in certain moods. Looking at the empty sky for something... anyway, I am visiting from the She Writes Bloggers' Ball and look forward to reading more!

  7. Wonderful, creative poem. Keep up the good work.

  8. i really like this poem! new subscriber here. fello shewrites member.