Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hands I've Held (I)

Your warm fingers
angular and alien
hook through mine as if by accident.
We leave them there
our clasped fingers
and pretend not to notice our weightless hearts.

The day is gray and windy
trees fuzzed yellow-green with spring pubescence.
Cherry blossoms choke the gutters
drowning in Decemberlike rain.

Your fingers are like bare winter branches.

I wish I could go back to December
back to the bare simplicity
of naked branches and dormant earth
before the urges of spring
complicated everything.

For One Shot Wednesday.


  1. ha. i know exactly what you are saying on the spring...yeah innosence before is tender and comforting...

  2. Spring fever seems to complicate things. Like the webbing imagery of branches and clasped fingers. "Cherry blossoms choke the gutters
    drowning in Decemberlike rain."
    Fine poem!

  3. great imagery here. love the phrase "spring pubescence" and the verse that follows. lovely write. :)

  4. Those weightless hearts will do what they will, won't they? Life is less complicated without those urges, but less thrilling, too!

  5. WOW, nice poem - you got your thinkin hat on lizziviggi - NICE, thanks for sharing

  6. You can really write, girl.