Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I walk beside the river
dark and green as bottle glass
it undulates silently

I scatter stars like breadcrumbs
some stick to the sky like white
bodies on black flypaper

some fall
and I step on them
crack them like snapped branches

some sink in the quiet green
bleed bright tendrils that glow
like little highways connecting fish cities

the moon eats the rest
stars disappearing in its
crescent smile


  1. scattering stars like breadcrumbs...love the surrealism and seems they were to the moon's taste..smiles

  2. Lovely imagery. I also love the Cheshire Moon... :-)

  3. nice...i love the natural elements and the scattering of stars like breadcrumbs, some under feet, some in the water and some eaten in the sky...like dreams....smiles.

  4. Really bring forth elements from all over in your piece, nicely done!

  5. This just kept getting better, right up until that incredible ending. Loved it.

  6. Light and dreamlike, but full of vibrant image, with a nice slide to a smiling finish.

  7. ok for some reason i can not comment on your newest post on color...love that you got your kids involved because they have such amazing imaginations which is evident in these...blue is fast...star clouds...throughout each very nice...

  8. Thank you, Brian, I think I fixed the comment problem on the color post!